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Migos were able to move 131,000 total equivalent copies with streams accounting for 87,000 of those sales.

I haven’t done anything different.” Give or take a blockbuster, the California native hasn’t forgotten his roots and how it’s shaped his perception of people in Hollywood. I come from sleeping in the kitchen with my family with the oven open to keep us warm during winter, you know,” Jordan explained.

or via her loud and honest Instagram posts – she’s popping.

During an interview with Power 105.1‘s Angie Martinez, Cardi discussed her rise to fame and how she used her street smarts and formal education to become one of the most boss women in the industry.

I don’t live my life to make other people happy.” With a few flicks in the works, including a potential sequel to this summer’s “Fantastic Four,” Jordan, 28, is focusing more on his career and less on his love life. “I understand what females want and need, you know. I don’t know if I’m the guy to give it to them right now. Until I find something that’s so undeniable that I can’t help myself.” “The females, they’ll always be there,” Jordan continued.

“I told myself at a young age that I would sacrifice all my twenties for work.