Chatting up grannies

Although technically our flight home was on Monday, it was very early in the morning, so Sunday was our last real day in Italy.

Atrani has a couple different bars, which we’d been working our way through the previous mornings.

Ravello has long been a destination for artists and musicians, and is a popular tourist stop.

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"At one point, Patrick stepped away from the dance floor and walked towards the bridal suite at the venue."They both ecstatically accepted, thrilled that we had asked them to be in the wedding," Rachel told The Huffington Post."They loved telling everyone that they were the flower 'ladies.' I think DD may have even pumped her fist when I asked her and yelled, 'Alright!When he looked in, the grandmas were sitting in there together chatting over coffee, a brief moment away from the party getting to know each other.They also both absolutely ripped up the dance floor!