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Just ask him for a dinner out at a crowded restaurant or a movie and see his reaction. He will check his phone too often in between conversations will be obsessed about his looks and will always talk about his life.

If he insists he would rather spend the time with you alone at his or your place, it is time to run away. He will show little interest in yours and even when you talk about yourself, he will not listen to it with a great interest like a guy really interested in you would.

He will be proud of finding you and tell them how lucky he is.

In case he often shows off a lot about how many girls he has dated with before you, or how many girls he has slept with before you, he is surely a player. Read More: 21 Tips On How To Overcome Sexual Performance Anxiety A keeper always introduces you to the friends with the respect.

He is a player if— It is quite romantic when your date/boyfriend wants to spend some quality time with you.

But if it happens all the time, girl you are in trouble!!

When someone is really serious about getting to know you, they will make the effort to do so.

You will also feel like you and your time are valued and appreciated.