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Few people know that for a while Voronezh was the capital of our country.

It was here, in the 17th century, that Tsar Peter the Great laid the foundation of Russia’s Navy; it was here that he built his first battleship “Divine Providence” and other ships for the Azov Campaign.

It borders North Ossetia and Ingushetia in the west, Stavropol Krai in the north, Dagestan in the east, and Georgia to the south.

The land area of the Chechen republic totals 7452 square miles (19,300km²), which is by comparison between the sizes of Connecticut and New Jersey in the United States. In the south is the Greater Caucasus, the peaks of which forms the republic's southern boundary.

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However, some local historians hold to an older version that Voronezh was actually founded considerably earlier and had been the capital of the ancient country of Ruskolan – the predecessor of Ancient Rus.

Whichever version is accurate, our region was populated ages and ages ago.

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There are two largest railway junctions of Russia, i.e. Total length of railway lines in the region is over 1,100 km.

Moscow—Voronezh—Rostov highway crossing the Region over meridian connects the Central Region not only with the Russian Federation entities in Northern Caucuses, but with Transcaucasus countries, Turkey and Near East countries as mineral deposits The mineral raw material base of the Voronezh Region is founded on the construction materials occurrences: sands, clays, argil sands, chalk, granites, limestone, sandstone, cement raw material (chalky clay), fire clays and ochre There is a number of student exchange, double degrees, Master’s degree programmes, arranged on the basis of the Voronezh higher education institutes in collaboration with the leading institutions of the world, which embrace more than 100 fields. Lyzlov and mezhploschadochnye road №1,3,4,5,6,12,13 - close to the borders (30-50 m.) of enterprises - residents land (contiguity TU) Railway: the nearest railway line to the free areas - 50-80 m.

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