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If capitalism can "constantly revolutionize the means of production" in Karl Marx's words, then patriarchy can clearly adapt culturally.Male and female behavior contribute to this depressing reality, creating what Ariel Levy calls a "raunch culture" where post-feminist women glorify their own objectification and exploitation through a consumer caricature of female sexuality.Among his many claims is his mass knowledge in relationships from his job as a "US Intelligence Trained Seduction Specialist".Sol Brodsky (Gary's Dad) was a talented comic book artist and a hard worker unlike his lazy no good son.

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Sometimes, people take things I say and make judgments about them (or me personally) based on their internal feelings about what I said rather than what I said. Women are directly responsible for all kinds of chaos and problems. Instead, I tell guys to never promise monogamy in the first place. If she’s not, she can leave whenever she likes and go date someone else. Move on and find a better woman, one more compatible with your sexual desires. But crap, don’t promise her exclusivity and then secretly go fuck other girls, skulking around like a pussy-frightened thief in the night who doesn’t want to make his GF or wife mad.

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