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For example, you can detect if a visitor is a Facebook user, Citibank user, Twitter user, etc., and then switch the page to the appropriate login screen and favicon on demand.

Except that his view of the web must be a very limited one.

That trick certainly won’t work for any interactive site (not that RMS is likely to be a Facebook user), nor presumably any that requires authentication like a banking site.

It probably rules out commenting on any blog that requires a captcha.

Stripperiffic outfits on female characters—at least, young and attractive ones—are common in any genre where straight young men represent, or are assumed to represent, the core of the audience.

This can be self-fulfilling, as sexually exploitative wardrobe choices can be a turn-off to potential female fans.

Really, if that claim by Stallman is true, I really wonder what his view of the world is like, given how important (for better of worse) the web has become to social interaction these days…

I would argue email clients can be significantly worse in another way — most popular email clients like Outlook and Thunderbird don’t encrypt passwords and other sensitive information, sending it all and receiving as plaintext.

In anime and manga, however (especially those aimed at a female audience), the Bishōnen can be as scantily clad as the girls. Compare Theiss Titillation Theory and Go-Go Enslavement. Sometimes I think I missed my calling; being devious is so much fun. Most phishing attacks depend on an original deception.If you detect that you are at the wrong URL, or that something is amiss on a page, the chase is up. In fact, the time that wary people are most wary is exactly when they first navigate to a site. När du sedan blivit registrerad, kan du besöka chattrum med riktiga människor som använder 3D avatars, få vänner, styla din avatar genom att besöka vår katalog, designa och dekorera ditt rum och mycket mer! Skapa din avatar på IMVU genom att registrera dig nu » Under tiden du registrerar dig kan du välja en gratis avatar för att kunna börja.