My demonoid ratio not updating

Then you can seed both files, separately, without getting banned. If it says "the torrent you have selected blablabla add tracker? If you go to add it and it brings the "where do you want to download" thing up, then find the files and go nuts.You will get banned if you're seeding the same torrent on both Waffles and What. Yeah I found it in my saved password list just after I made the post and found it on there. Hm I found out why my what torrents weren't working, u Torrent 1.7.1 is banned :( I can't remember, but if you update u Torrent your torrents are kept in the new version right?

As a result of this none of the torrent will download.If a private tracker you add ever asks if you want to "add the tracker to the existing list" or whatever, don't do it. What I tend to do is if there's a torrent I get off What that isn't on Waffles, I download it into a DUAL folder.Then I check the piece size for the What torrent and create a new Waffles torrent (using the same files) and make the piece size different.Demonoid is now setup their servers on the Ukraine soil, as USA banned the site few months ago on the premise of US Copyright laws . As the Demonoid is a private torrent tracker you can not download torrents without sign up with them.Only Demonoid members can upload and download torrents.