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It became a highly publicized practice when it was revealed that actress Charlize Theron broke up with Sean Penn by ghosting him.And a lot of normal people are apparently doing it, too: A Huffington Post/You Gov poll from last fall said that of 1,000 American adults surveyed, 11% had ghosted someone before.Which means we defensively date all the time.: "Why is it so hard for a guy to dtr like you're either interested or you're not." (We've all been there, girl.) This isn't an abbreviation you'll hear often IRL, but it sums up a problem that plagues many.After all, Facebook invented the "It's Complicated" relationship status for a reason. Remember when the world finally came up with the term ‘ghosting’, and we finally had a way to describe all the dates that had disappeared from our lives? Well, good news: there’s a new way to describe all the massive d*ckheads in your life. What a wonderful time to be alive, we said, sobbing into a plate of nachos after another failed relationship.Or, when have you debated the nuanced distinction between "babe" and "bae"?

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"I’m glad there’s a term for this; it’s more accurate than 'dumped,'" a New York Times reader says. "After three weeks of silence, I decided someone ought to issue an acknowledgment, and wrote him a note (by hand, sent via the post office) saying I was hurt and confused by his behavior, but had enjoyed good times with him and wished him well.

They like you but they’re not really that interested.

Interested enough in sending texts but not interested enough in making (or keeping) date plans.

BENCHING Apparently coined by a New York Magazine writer, benching is exactly what it sounds like.

You’re on the bench as the man or woman you may or may not be interested in is leading you on, all while seeing what other fish are swimming around in the sea.

Online dating urban dictionary