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The Board of Trustees is responsible for the governance of the College and for ensuring that the mission of the College is fulfilled.

In carrying out these responsibilities, the Board regularly considers and approves College policies and provides fiscal oversight.

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Mais, contrairement à Grease, cette suite est un échec commercial et critique, même si Pfeiffer obtient des échos favorables pour son interprétation.

This makes the church older than the story (not recorded before the 15th century) that the church was founded by Offa, king of Mercia 757-796.

In 1697, Hitchin (and the nearby village of Offley) were subject to what is thought to have been the most severe hailstorm in recorded British history.

Now on the front of Hitchin Library, it was on the Sainsburys on Brand Street until the supermarket relocated to the Bancroft area. Contrary to how most people now pronounce the name, that is to say as spelt, the 'z' is an abbreviated character for a 'tch' sound in the Domesday Book, (as in the name of the town). The Hicca Way is an eight mile walking route along the River Hiz Valley, believed to have been used for trade between the Danes and English in the Anglo-Saxon age. Mary's Church, which is remarkably large for a town of its size.

The name of the town also is associated with the small river that runs through the town, most picturesquely in front of the east end of St. The size of the church is evidence of how Hitchin prospered from the wool trade. Most of the church dates from the 15th century, with its tower dating from around 1190.