Sedating ssri

Although more than a dozen different antidepressants in 7 distinct classes are widely used to treat depression in primary care, there is no evidence that one drug is superior to another.

In fact; he said it was all in my head even though the emergency room and my general doctor could clearly see it was not just in my head!! At any rate, I have been experiencing so much trouble with Zoloft but thought it would get better and since I have never been on an ssri before I figured maybe I am just being a wimp after all my anxiety is getting a little better during the day and people say it gets worse before it gets better…Primary care doctors, especially family physicians, are the first responders in mental health care in the United States.Although pharmacotherapy may not be the first choice for mild to moderate symptoms of depression, without improved access to psychotherapy the use of antidepressants has become the primary choice of treatment for major depressive disorder.When Prozac first became available in 1988, it was hailed as a new wonder drug and quickly became the most popular antidepressant ever prescribed.Many millions of Americans have taken Prozac and more than 70% of them claim to have benefited from it.