Use ps3 online without updating

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Just a couple of days back, Sony has released Play Station 3 firmware 3.56 which blocks all kinds of jailbreak / homebrew available till now.

I recently bought a new PS3 Super Slim – the latest model – but it only came with a measly 12 GB flash storage.

I could have purchased the one that came with a 500 GB drive – but that was another , a waste given that I have a few 2.5-inch SATA drives sitting at home from past projects.

This way, you get to keep the jailbreak as well as have all the PSN fun.

This method is known as the “DNS trick” which is probably going to get patched soon, so enjoy it while you can. Here is what you need to do: Step 1: On your Play Station 3, go to Primary: 67.2 Secondary: 67.2 Step 5: Proceed further and save settings at the end Step 6: Now test your connection. You’ll see Succeeded in front of Play Station Network during the test. Sign-in and access all the PSN functions as well as play your favorite games online. (*NOTE: It is advised to stay off PSN if you are running a jailbroken firmware 3.55 since Sony can easily detect it and ban you from PSN if they want!

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