Who is malinda williams dating

I can’t front arguing at home and going through all of that because we were both young and with both our A-type personalities–but we’re really good peoples now.

We’re better off, like we’re happily divorced, we’re better off friends and we’re raising our son together now but at the time it was crazy.

While he been in the industry for years, it looks like he can also thank his new girlfriend, Kelli Coleman.

Kelli's father, Don Coleman, is the owner, founder, and CEO of one of the largest advertising and marketing firms in the country-- Global Hue. And Kelli's been groomed to take over the family business ever since she graduated from Spelman recently. Coleman leads the new business team and serves as president of Cutting Edge Productions, a broadcast production house under the corporate umbrella.

Anyone calling D-nice a male gold digger is obviously under the age of 30. I don't think anyone in this situation was worried about money and half of these comments are stupid. His marriage to Malinda William didn't work out so he's moved on and so has she. I am happy that he is with a successful black woman and I do not think he is a gold digger for being with her.Malinda Williams is an American actress born on September 24, 1976 in Heidelberg, Germany.Her nationality is German but has been continuing her career in the United States.D-Nice, who turns 40 in June, and Kelli have been dating about a year and have tried to keep it private. 39 dollar new era hats...........8 d0llar hear a lot of white women talk about how people shouldn't get mad at black men for dating white women, which i agree, as long as they're not dating them just because they're white and think that white women are the holy grail, which is the cause for most black men that dates white women.So when they popped up hand-in-hand at the 2nd Annual Steve Harvey Foundation Gala weeks ago at Cipriani Wall Street in NYC, eyebrows raised. ( Online Store, Get Name Brand Fashion From 12USD Now! but i digress, why don't people say anything about the hatred that a dark skin black women receives when she dates a black man.